Slenderman: Horror Story Madhouse

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What is Slenderman: Horror Story Madhouse?

Slenderman: Horror Story Madhouse
You managed to escape Slenderman but since then, you've lost your sanity and your home is the asylum. Are you really sure you escaped him or is it all in your head? In this new horror game on our website, you will have to go through the levels of escaping your fears of slenderman while escaping from the asylum.

You wake up in your room, having hallucinations and you need to break free. You find the lockpick and open the door by picking the lock. After that, you pick up the frying pan and go to the lift, but the lift is broken so you must find another way. You find that almost all doors are jammed, you find a normal door but it is locked.

You find the key and you open the door, you must get out of this place! You wander around the staircases and you move between floors and knocking out other mentally ill enemies. Eventually, you find a paper that helps you, it tells you to find some ladders on the first floor.

You start searching for the ladders, you find some keys too but suddenly you start seeing slendermen coming for you. You knock them out with your newly found weapon, a hammer, and move on. Eventually, you will find it and after that, you will have to go through vents to get to the main door.

Once you exit, you will be arrested by the police and sentenced to death by the electric chair because of your killings. Have fun playing!

How to play?

Left-click: fire; Right-click: aim or block; WASD: move player; Left shift: sprint; Left ctrl: crouch; X: prone; Space: jump; R: reload; G: grenade; T: bullet time; Esc/Tab: pause.

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