Trollface Quest: Horror 1

Trollface Quest: Horror 1

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Trollface Quest: Horror 1
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Trollface Quest: Horror 1 Overview

Trollface Quest is one of the most exciting series of games, but this time, the game is launching around Halloween, which is why all the action in the game will be more frightening, so don't play if you get scared fast!

As you can see, Trollface Quest: Horror 1 is the first game from Kizi where you will be terrified, because the graphics and sound effects are very real and quite scary, but if you manage to have a good time over the first levels, you will surely be able to complete all the missions. The action of the game is quite simple, it is related to the games of the puzzle type, in which you will have to look for the index that will trigger your activity of the game.
  1. In the first mission, you will have to pull on the suit that a ghost has in order to remove the skin from it and to remain without scalp, only with bones and muscles.
  2. In the second level you will meet a little girl who sits on the floor with her back to you; you will have to click on it, after which the girl named Annabelle wakes up and turns her head towards you, and if you press the mouse you will notice that her head will fly upwards.
  3. The third level depicts the Blair Witch Project (1999) that pulls your butt.
  4. The next level will show Gremlins in the kitchen (Gremlins 1984); here you will need to spice up a sauce very well and throw the monster in front of you that will turn into a mutant, big and scary bat.
  5. In the fifth level you will meet the most frightening man on the planet, Costello Meet Frankenstein, a 1948 film and in this mission you will have to snatch the two buttons from the neck of the giant man to deflate.
  6.  In the next level we will meet Stranger Things 2 - Steve fights the demo-dogs where we will have to feed Steve with a dark red fruit.
  7. Twilight: new Moon - Jacob's Transformation (2009) is present in our horror game, and now you will have to turn Jacob from man to wolf, to urinate him, after which the woman will fall in love with him.
  8. Prometheus (2012) is present in the 8th mission, and here you have to scare a patient who is in bed
  9. The next level will be from the 1986 movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Leatherface Aroused 1986)" where you will have to start the saw and scare everyone around you.
  10. The next sequence will be from the movie "The Exorcist published in 1973, in which we will meet Emily Rose, who will have to get up from bed while levitating.
  11.  The next level of difficulty will be inspired by the movie Lights Out's Breath taking scary Opening scenes (2016) in which we will meet a fatoma and a fat monster dressed in shorts.
  12. The next mission will be inspired by the movie Jigsaw (2004), the first part, in which we will have Steve riding a tricycle and facing a lot of syringes. You will have to change the vehicle you are going to be able to get into the ground and jump over the obstacles in front of you.
  13. The next mission will be about Get Out (2017) - The Sunken Place Scene in which we will have two ordinary people, a coffee riddle and a man waiting to be guessed by the future, but the witch will throw garbage at him.
  14. The 14th level will be inspired by the movie The Silence of the Lambs (1991) in which a hotdog tries to feed a man who is trapped in a force shirt, but at the moment who gets close to the prisoner, he eats his food and turns into a monster.
  15. Level 15: Crows Attack the Students - The Birds;
  16. Level 16: The Nun - Ending Scene;
  17. Level 17: The Human Centipede (2009)
We suggest you to pass well all the missions of the game and try to fit in time. You can also use HINTs if you don't know what to do, but for a better experience we invite you to play this game with your friends.


How to play?

use the mouse;

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