Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

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Five Nights at Christmas
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Five Nights at Christmas Overview


Five Nights at Christmas is a brand new take on the popular FNAF Games online from the internet and our website, but it is given a holiday theme, the one that we are eagerly awaiting as it is coming very soon. A cheerful and happy holiday combined with a horror survival game should provide quite an entertaining experience, so allow us to explain what you have to do now, so you can begin playing at once!

Let's survive Five Nights at Christmas online!

A scary snowman is haunting your house in the woods, and you have to survive it, both by catching you outside, or by entering and breaking inside your home, for a total of five nights, with each night and its level becoming more difficult to survive, and scarier to live through.

Use the WASD keys to move, E to pick up items or interact with them, and F to use the flashlight. Take it to make your path a lit-up one and see where you are going, but also to scare the monster. Pick up keys to open doors, and find out any other items that might be useful and put them into action.

The only way to see if you can be brave enough to face this horror is by actually playing through them, so begin right now, and maybe invite your friends to do the same and test themselves out as well!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, E, and F.

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