5 Nights at Pomni's

5 Nights at Pomni's

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5 Nights at Pomni's
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5 Nights at Pomni's Overview


5 Nights at Pomni's is the latest Digital Circus game online from our website, but this doubles down as a horror game inspired by the world of FNAF Games, some of the most popular clicker horror games online, where instead of the animatronics and their restaurant, this time you have to survive at the digital circus which is being haunted by Pomni, the clown!

Can you survive 5 Nights at Pomni's online?

From the security room of the circus, you have to survive by making sure that Pomni does not break in, which is why you will first use the computer to access the security cameras and see where she is hiding, having multiple cameras from all around the circus to watch.

If you don't see her anywhere, you should know that she wants to infiltrate. Keep the energy running up by filling the generator with gas, you make sure to keep the doors closed because running out of energy to do that will allow the clown to break in.

Simply use the mouse or touch controls to interact with your surroundings, with the computer, machines, and everything else, and make sure that you stick around for as long as possible. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since more fun is always to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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