2 Player Pomni

2 Player Pomni

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2 Player Pomni
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2 Player Pomni Overview


The first 2 Player Pomni game online has now been released on our website for each and every one of you to enjoy, as we're sure that Digital Circus Games are going to slowly but surely become some of our most sought-after games, even more so when you get to play them with a friend or family member like it is the case right now!

Try the newest 2 Player Pomni game online!

Each player controls an avatar of Pomni, and the goal is to grow yours bigger than the other one faster, so for that one of you presses A, D, and the other one presses the Right, Left buttons. Keep pressing your buttons, and do it faster than the other player to become the winner, as simple as that!

You can play this however many times you wish, to try and see who gets the most wins, and when you're done, check out more offerings from this category, keeping the fun going with your friends, or solo!

How to play?

A, D.

Right, Left.

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