Climbing Pomni

Climbing Pomni

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Climbing Pomni
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Climbing Pomni Overview


Climbing Pomni is a new skill game added to our new and fascinating category of Digital Circus Games online, which we plan on growing and improving as much as possible during this beginning stages of it, especially after we've seen how much you liked the first new games added into it, and this one is different from them, so get ready for something fresh!

Help Climbing Pomni reach the top!

Use the mouse or touch controls to swipe and release Pomni, going from one pin to another on the fake mountain, with the goal being to reach its top, if you can collect coins along the way, try getting as many of them as possible to have a big score in return.

Drag and release towards where you want to shoot and climb with Pomni but know that if you fall off the mountain, you lose and have to restart the level. Of course, you get bigger and more complicated mountains to climb as you keep advancing through the stages, but the fun also increases exponentially! Let's begin and have fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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