Ghost Escape 3D

Ghost Escape 3D

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Ghost Escape 3D
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Ghost Escape 3D Overview


Ghost Escape 3D is the latest horror adventure game in 3D from our website, a must-play for each of our visitors who want to get spooked, but, most importantly, want to face those fears, and you will do it now against ghosts, ghouls, and zombies, in a fun 3D interactive experience, which also has elements of puzzle games, collecting, and problem-solving. Don't fear, since we will give you a good introduction right now!

Face your fears playing Ghost Escape 3D online!

Use the WASD keys for moving, space to jump, hold shift to run, E to interact with items, and the mouse to look around. Lock your cursor by pressing the L key.

Through the three challenges, each with a different location, you are trapped somewhere where a ghost is lurking, but you also find dead bodies, creepy crawlers, hidden sections, dark alleyways, and more!

Interact with cabinets, open up doors, and closets, and make sure to collect the items you need from each level, as in the first one where you have to grab all of the pictures of famous dead people.

Here are the three haunted locations you do it in:

  • In the Underground there are not many rewards, and the ghost moves slowly in the dark alleyways.
  • In the Morgue the ghost is faster, and it is always trying to surprise you, as you navigate the cars, and the mazes, with a chance to earn double the points.
  • For the final stage, the Graveyard, you've got both types of ghosts to deal with, so be extra careful!

You will begin by raising up a dead body by putting a knife into it, take the syringes for the eyes and use them later on, and avoid getting killed by the ghosts for a total of five nights!

Start the spooky adventure right now, survive it all, escape the haunted place, and stick around for even more great games yet to come!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Interact with any furniture, items, or creature you encounter for clues and hints.
  • Explore the underground, a morgue, and a graveyard to face all your fears.
  • Deal differently with fast ghosts than you do with the slower ghosts.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, L, the mouse, and E.

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