Huggy Wuggy Sewer Escape

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What is Huggy Wuggy Sewer Escape?

Huggy Wuggy Sewer Escape

Can you escape the sewer haunted by Huggy Wuggy? We hope you can, because that is the only way to escape with your life since you know that these Poppy Playtime toys are murderous, and if they catch you and kill you, you will really be finished, so we hope that you are ready to play this game and face all your fears with it!

Escape the sewer and the Huggy Wuggy in it!

This game works like many other creepypasta-inspired games, as you have to find a total of eight notes and escape the location, this one being a sewer, which would already be quite scary even if it was not haunted by fuzzy toys that came to life but instead of being friendly, want to kill you.

As you move through the sewers to look for the notes, make sure Huggy and other toys do not catch you, or you have to start again from scratch. Move with WASD, mouse to look around, but also aim and shoot, change weapons with the mouse wheel, use G for grenades, F to pick up items, R to reload, left shift to run, left CTRL to crouch, X to prone, space for jumping.

We wish you good luck and all the best and invite you to stick around for much more to come, you are never going to regret coming over here and having fun with our amazing content!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, space, CTRL, shift, R, F, G, X keys.

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