Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy

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Super Billy Boy
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Super Billy Boy Overview


Mario-inspired games online are always a treat to play online on our website, which is why we never miss to bring them along, just like it happens at this moment when we want to offer you a game known as Super Billy Boy, where Billy is your protagonist with whom you will go on an incredible adventure to rescue a princess!

Help Billy Boy has the most super adventure!

For starters, learn how to control your character, which is quite easy: you use A, D to move, W to jump or fly, and the X key to fire when you have the power to do so. There will be a total of 15 levels for you to pass, and each one is more challenging than the one before, but, of course, more fun at the same time! Snake Island is the location you visit in the first three levels.

Go around the courses, making sure to avoid the creatures you encounter, or destroy them by jumping over their heads, or shoot fire at them if you get that upgrade from the track. You can also find upgrades that make you bigger or some that give you more speed or use shields to protect yourself.

Collect stars when you find them, with some of them being hidden in blocks, blocks that you should hit to grab the coins from them. Now you know how to play the game, so give it your best right now, seeing for yourself why we think of it as a must-play one!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys, and X.

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