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Super Onion Boy

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Super Onion Boy
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Super Onion Boy Overview


Super Onion Boy is a platform-adventure game with running and jumping inspired by the likes of Super Mario Games, being also a pixel game all at the same time, as you've seen from the image or preview video, where, just like in those Nintendo Games it was inspired from, the princess was stolen, so this boy needs to save her in an adventure through the vegetable land, something we're now going to explain how to do!

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enlightenedTo move you use the right and left arrow keys, with the Z key you jump, and with the X key you shoot if you get the firepower upgrade from the course.

Reach the diamond at the end of each level to clear it, and make sure not to lose all your three lives, or you lose. Grab hearts from the courses to replenish lost lives. You lose lives if you hit into carrots, oranges, radishes, or other legumes and vegetables directly. Instead, you can kill them by stomping on top of their heads.

You should collect as many coins as you can from the road to earn a big score and multiply it with the stars. Some coins can be taken from hitting blocks and bricks or entering tunnels with bonus levels, but be careful of vegetables that might come out of tunnels too. Another mechanic is the springboard, on which you hop to jump higher and get even more coins.

Start the Onion Boy's adventure right now, save the princess, and stick around for more daily games as only here can be found!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Jump on the head of vegetables to kill them, but don't hit them head on, or you die.
  • Collect stars for a boost of points and to increase your records.
  • Defeat a multitude of bosses to reach the princess trapped in the bubble.

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