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Help The Boy Hero

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Help The Boy Hero
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Help The Boy Hero Overview


Help The Boy Hero is a game that falls into the logic-puzzle games genre, where a boy, who is also a hero, needs your help against all sorts of villains, and your strategical and logical thinking is what is going to put him over the edge, and we're sure that together you will have a ton of fun, just like we did with him before, so that is why we can now explain to you what and how to do it!

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In each level the boy hero needs your help with a few tasks, such as making him a mask out of a bag or dressing him up in a cape, using the material from over the windows. Should he go out through the door, which is locked, or through the window, which is open?

The answer is simple, and if you get it right, the hero can go out and save the day, with your help. In each new level, you have to solve more of these logical questions, one after another, so that you go through the boy's day as a superhero, and permanently save the day. Start now, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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