Hero Pipe Rescue

Hero Pipe Rescue

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Hero Pipe Rescue
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Hero Pipe Rescue Overview


Hero Pipe Rescue is a Water Puzzle game, a mobile app that is now available for you to play on browsers too, no matter the device, where you get to take the role of the hero who is going to bring water back to the thirsty masses, with our team having done that already, which makes us entitled to give you some pointers for you to do the same, and become heroes yourselves!

Solve the water puzzle to get the pipe rescue hero job done!

Monsters are attacking your society, so as its hero, you need to take them on, and it seems that water is their weakness. Why not take the water pipe and make it connect to the tank where the monsters are, and drown them? Drag them with the mouse, creating a full pipeline from the water to the monsters, and defeat them.

One monster is your first target for the first few stages, but more of them appear and need to be defeated too as you proceed. Of course, this means you have to make better connections, and after a few stages, new elements appear in the story.

Like what? Well, for example, your hero can be trapped in a tank, and you should not transport water pipes to him, or he drowns and dies. Instead, use the health pipes, which are in yellow to drag to him, and the blue water ones for the targets. Complete both these tasks to finish the level.

Maybe the hero is free, but a princess is trapped, so save her with health too.

Of course, sometimes you have to do all of these things together, at which point you have to figure out how to drag the pipes through the castles in a way that everyone gets what they need, making sure not to mix them up, and find clear pathways for all.

Each new level will have a more intricate design, meaning you have to level up your puzzle-solving skills. Of course, the coin rewards are also bigger, which you can use in the shop to buy new skins for your hero, in addition to the basic ones that we all know.

Sometimes, you've got extendable pipelines from different directions, so you need to figure out how to pull them all together through the static pipes and know that some might be extra, so try combinations until you land them!

We know the players of our website are smart, brave, and never give up, like real heroes, so begin this new life right now, and you won't regret it!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Drag to connect and disconnect pipes to complete their route from source to target.
  • Save princesses, kill monsters, be a hero!
  • Unlock all the characters with the gold you earn!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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