Tweety's Pipe Pranks

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Tweety's Pipe Pranks
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What is Tweety's Pipe Pranks?

Tweety's Pipe Pranks

Tweety's Pipe Pranks is one of the best new Looney Tunes Games online that our administrative team is delighted to share with each and every one of you here, where we will always make sure to bring you the best new games with your favorite cartoon characters out there because that is why you come here as often as you do, don't you?

Help Tweety's Pipe Pranks become true!

Use the arrow keys to move and jump with Tweety, press space to interact with items, move them around, pull on levers, and do all sorts of other actions meant to help you finish the levels.

Go through all the obstacles and platforms in your path, with the goal of fixing the pipes and making them shoot water, so that they wet the arch-nemesis cat of this character when the level is then finished.

Each new level will feature a level that is more complicated, but more fun at the same time, guaranteed, and we hope you aren't stopping here, since there are always new and interesting games to be added here for you all!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the spacebar.

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