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Tool Dash

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Tool Dash
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Tool Dash Overview


Going on a Tool Dash online with the Bugs Bunny Builders, our new favorite Cartoonito Games characters is one of the best things you could be doing right now, as the game does not only allow you to drive bulldozers, tractors, trucks, and other kinds of construction site vehicles, but you're doing it with the drivers from the show, and you get to learn more about them, and how they are used to make the homes and buildings you see all around you!

Start the Tool Dash with the Bugs Bunny Builders!

After choosing your character, you will be assigned the vehicle they drive. You can do it by using the A and D keys to go Right and Left, the corresponding arrow keys from your keyboard, you can click in the two directions, and if you are playing on a phone or tablet, simply tap in any of the two directions.

You're dashing left and right to catch tools like screwdrivers, hammers, french keys, and others so that you can then throw them in the toolbox in the middle, as you're in charge of clearing up the site after work.

Collect and throw as many tools as possible to get a big score in return before the time granted for playing the game runs out on you, but make sure you're not getting hit by the cement falling from the top too much because if it hits you too many times, you lose and have to restart.

Now that you've got the hang of it, feel free to begin right away, and not stop here, since there are plenty more amazing games with Bugs Bunny Builders to play here free of charge!

How to play?

Use the A-D keys, Right-Left keys, Mouse.

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