Impostor Rescue Online

Impostor Rescue Online

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Impostor Rescue Online
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Impostor Rescue Online Overview


Since the Among Us Games category is quite big already, we make sure to only update it with the best new games made for it, not just any of them, which is the reason why when you get new content in it, it is awesome ones such as today's game called Impostor Rescue Online, a puzzle game with pins that also features the popular imposters that we know you love so much!

Use good logic to save the impostors!

You will clear each level once you have filled all the imposters with water around them, something that you do by pulling the pins in the right order to release that water through the various tunnels. This only applies to the blue water, because the red one is bad, and if it touches any of the characters, you lose.

In case you absolutely have to, you can neutralize it with the blue one. Each new level is more difficult than the one before it, and in total, you will have to go through thirty of them. Depending on how well you perform you can get from one to three stars per stage, and try to get three all the time, so you can use your stars to unlock new skins for the impostors.

It's one of the best new logical puzzle games online you will play here, so checking it out right now is a must, otherwise we would not have shared it with you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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