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Frankenstein Go

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Frankenstein Go
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Frankenstein Go Overview


Welcome to Frankenstein Go one of the best new platform-adventure games online on our website, which we would not have dared not share with you, and we invite you to play it either on computers or mobile devices, as the fun remains the same nonetheless, and with such an iconic character, how could that not be the case?

Play Frankenstein Go for new adventures with your fave' monster!

Use the mouse, touch controls, or the arrows to move in any four directions with the monster, having to collect potions and diamonds along the way, both for energy and health, but most importantly, collect the items that are required for you to go open up doors, get past priests, dogs, and other characters or obstacles in your path.

If you have those items in your inventory when you get near those obstacles, you neutralize them and get to move forward, and this way you have to reach the end of each level until you have finished all of them, simple as that.

Of course, the environments get more difficult one level after another, but that added challenge also adds more fun to the experience, so we wish you the best, and hope you see this new adventure through until the end!

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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