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Pokemon Blue
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Pokemon Blue Overview


Pokemon Blue, the original version, can now be found and played on our website! All free, emulated directly in your browsers! We make sure you get no hassle while playing Pokemon Games here, especially from this 1996 series, which came together with the Red and Yellow editions. 

Play Pokemon Blue online!

Start your adventure in a meeting with Professor Oak. He will tell you about Pokemon, and give you a short but useful introduction into the world. Choose the name you want your trainer character to be known as, and then pick your starter Pokemon (pocket monster). Choose from:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Squirtle
  • Charmander

As a trainer, fight Pokemon in the wild, and if you defeat them, you can catch them and add them to your team. Use the Pokeball for that, throwing it at them when they are weak enough.

With your monsters, fight other trainers. You battle them to win fights, and gain XP for your monsters. This way, they get stronger, and when you encounter new opponents, you will stand on business!

Conquer the Kanto region!

Find Pokemon, add them to your roaster, and through fighting, develop them, and even evolve them! Evolution happens when you gain enough XP points to turn one Pokemon into another, always a stronger version.

Find the gym trainers of the area, and defeat them to take their badge, and when you win against all of them, you win! Of course, collect as many monsters as possible, and use them to complete the Pokedex for your grandpa, Oak, so that he can study all of them!

Win the turn-based Pokemon fights!

With your monster, choose attacks to perform against the opponent. Pokemon are the most effective against Pokemon of opposing elements. For example, fire versus water, or vice-versa. There are also grass, lighting, earth, air, and other elements!

You will perform an attack, and then your opponent does, in turns. Use the arrows to move, and the Z key to select. Have a good strategy to win the fights! Each attack move you use as an HP, hit points. The more hit points your attack has, the more damage you deal!

Empty the enemy health bar with your attacks, and win the Pokemon battle!

Take care of the Pokemon!

If you lose battles, take your Pokemon to the clinics, where you can have the nurses treat them back to health! It's important, and if you help them stay healthy, they are more useful in battles. Grow them up through fighting, and evolve them further! Buy potions to use mid-fight, so that you can replenish health when you've been hit too much.

The Pokemon World and the Kanto region is big, so start your adventure right now, and CATCH THEM ALL!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys, and the enter key.

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