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One Chance

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One Chance
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One Chance Overview


One Chance is going to be one of the most challenging and exciting adventure games online, as it is also an interactive puzzle game online where you have six days to correct the mistakes of scientists who will release a deathly pathogen onto the world, so all your interactions and decisions in this short span of time are instrumental in saving the world!

You have One Chance to save the world, can you do it?

The character you will become in this game is called John Pilgrim, and you move using the arrow keys and interact with doors, and objects, or talk with characters using the spacebar.

Start off in your bedroom, as you take your coat, meet your wife, step into your car, and then you drive to work. As you navigate this world, try making good decision that lead to you saving the planet.

If not, you cannot reverse them, and if an apocalypse happens, you need to start again. This means you've got another chance, but remember your previous choices and actions, so that you take a new route in the story, and, hopefully, this one saves the world!

If you're brave, begin right now, enjoy this game to the fullest, and stick around for even more of them to come, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and spacebar.

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Author: AwkwardSilenceGames

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