From Good Girl To Baddie Princess Makeover

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From Good Girl To Baddie Princess Makeover
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What is From Good Girl To Baddie Princess Makeover?

From Good Girl To Baddie Princess Makeover

Anna wants to transform From Good Girl To Baddie Princess, which is what we invite you to help this beloved Disney princess within one of our best new makeover games for girls, a genre that you will never want to miss out on because when we share such a game with you, you know it is a top-rated one!

It's time for a Princess Makeover: From Good Girl To Baddie featuring Anna from Frozen!

In Anna's morning routine, wipe her drool, brush her hair, tie it up, give her the chocker she loves wearing daily, and continue with the skincare routine for the second level. Here you will apply cream and then wash it off, use makeup removal, use a serum for red skin, and apply a face mask next.

Hair care follows, but before that, you do some finishing touches with sunscreen, you then put a lotion in her hair, turn it black, cut it up, and spray it. In the makeup stage, you can use contact lenses, change the lashes, apply lipstick, style the eyebrows, use some blush on her cheeks, and don't forget about eye-shadow either.

Finally, dress up Anna from Frozen in a baddie outfit, choosing either a full one-piece or dress or mixing and matching tops and bottoms. You can modify her hairstyle as well, even if you already changed it in a previous stage. We're sure that despite her new almost evil look, Anna will be as nice as always, and Kristoff will love her even more!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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