Silly Sundays Games

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What are Silly Sundays Games?

Silly Sundays Games is a category of Cartoonito Games online created in celebration of this series which premiered not too long ago on the children's television channel and program, which we're sure has already garnered quite a big fanbase, a fan base whom we now want to make happy by bringing about games based on it with your new favorite characters.

If you've come to this page and you are not already a fan of this series, you need not worry, since we're giving you the introduction you might need right now, and then you should be able to enjoy the games even more!

Play the best Silly Sundays Games online!

Hugo, Sonia and Mel are the three cousings we follow in this series, which has a rich and cute animation styles, and they spend their days together with their family, primarily Mom and Dad, who always have good advice to give, Granny even more so, as this is a show that aims to encourage children and their immediate family to spend more time together, especially on the weekend, instead of being glued to their phones.

The best time to do it is on Sundays, when there is no school for the kids, and no work for the parents, when they do things like playing around with a toy duck, finding a new watermelon to eat after the last one got spoiled, learning how to dance solo but with others too, they make sandcastles at the beach, and even learn how to say to your parents you don't like their soup, but in a kind way.

Through the rich adventures of these kids and adults, always together, important lessons on how to handle the ups and downs of life are passed down to the children who watch the show, and the same will be true for the games with Silly Sundays that they will be playing here!

The first one is a jigsaw game featuring images from the delightful show, which helps your brain get quicker and smarter, and then you will do other things as well, such as finding differences, and coloring these characters, all activities that make you both have fun and learn at the same time!

There is no one doing educational games online for toddlers as those that currently air on this channel worldwide, so when done on this page, visit some neighboring Cartoonito Games categories, or the big one itself, to keep the fun going strong, and do the same for learning!

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