Mash-up Party Launch

Mash-up Party Launch

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Mash-up Party Launch
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Mash-up Party Launch Overview


Mash-up Party Launch represents a brand new addition to our Looney Tunes Games category, which combines together all the characters from this franchise that you know so much, in a setting where they look like your favorite DC heroes such as Superman, Green Arrow, or Wonder Woman, and we will now tell you all about what you have to do, so you can start this new awesome experience right away!

It's time for the Mash-up Party Launch with Looney Tunes!

Because the animals lost track of time by dressing up as the superheroes, they are late to the WB Party, so they need your help to use ACME products and launch them into the air, starting off by shooting them with a slingshot, and trying to reach a distance as further up as possible for a big score.

Click on the screen to bounce from the ground, and make sure to bounce into objects that will give you a boost of speed and height, so that you get even further up ahead. When you stop, start again from scratch, and aim to get a bigger record than before. Good luck, enjoy, and maybe tell your friends to come along for the ride as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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