Mystery of the Batwoman

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What is Mystery of the Batwoman?

Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman fans are all invited to play Mystery of the Batwoman online right now and here, free of charge, directly from their browser, as this is one of the best new games to feature the caped crusader that everyone is talking about at this moment, who seems to now have a worthy opponent, or maybe a best friend, in a female version of his alter-ego.

Let's reveal the Mystery of the Batwoman!

While pursuing Batwoman, Batman is forced to deal with Penguin and his gang of henchmen, because they have started attacking her, so to find out the truth about her, she needs to be protected first, so make sure to beat up the thugs and get rid of them!

Use the left and right arrows to run, the up one to jump, down one to dodge, CTRL to punch, Up+CLRL for a jump kick, and if you are on a gargoyle, press space to use the batrope on your enemies.

Beat up all the enemies you encounter, while making sure they don't cause too much damage to you instead because losing all your health means losing the game. All the best we wish you all, and we invite you to stick around for more fun to come in this amazing DC category!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, spacebar, CTRL key.

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