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Battboy Adventure

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Battboy Adventure
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Battboy Adventure Overview

Batman's new adventure is here, but this time you will have to get to know Batman when he was little when he was a child, and try to teach him all the superhero tricks that you know and can pass on. Further. The game has 8 different levels and depending on how advanced you are at those levels, the game will be more and more difficult. As you can see, the first level of the game presents the baby Batman who is on the roof of a building on which he will have to run as fast as he can so that he can reach the end of the adventure in record time.

Use the arrows to move left, right, or to jump, and with the help of the letter A, you will be able to use the weapons provided. In the beginning, you will only have a boomerang that you can throw when you have an enemy in front of you, but during the game, when you manage to gain more experience you will be able to find pistols, machine guns, or other rifles. with the sniper range that will be useful to complete the missions you have.

Try to pay attention to the spikes you have everywhere, jump over them or try to find a detour so that you can not die, and most importantly, try to collect all the yellow stars on the route because together with these stars you will be able to unlock the new level. You will need at least three stars to unlock each mission. The moment you reach a pit or a larger partition that you can't cross or jump over, you'll have to use the other superhero items you have in the geyser, namely the spiked harpoon, which you'll have to use. to shoot in the buildings around you and in this way to get up, and by swinging to be able to jump from one portion to the other.

Enemies will not stop appearing, which is why you will have to pay attention to all the villains who want to kill you. Remember, a villain can touch you and this is how the game ends.

How to play?

use the arrows to move and jump, and press S to attack or to climb.

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