Princess Cute Zombies April Fun

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What is Princess Cute Zombies April Fun?

Princess Cute Zombies April Fun
Today we really felt like surprising you a bit when it comes to the games for girls we have to offer here for you free of charge, which is why right at this moment you are invited to play Princess Cute Zombies April Fun, which is a brand new makeup and dress up game featuring Elsa and Jasmine from Disney, which is a bit different from the rest, mainly because it presents the two girls as zombies, making things even more interesting!

How to do the makeup for a zombie girl:

Especially because they are zombies, Elsa and Jasmine don't have the best facial skin out there, since their skin is dried off and grey, something they don't like, so you will change that up with the power of cosmetics. To do so, apply lipstick, blush, and eye shadow in the colors you like most, and try to make them match one another for the best effect possible!

Dress up the Disney zombie girls!

Despite being zombies, the princesses want to remain stylish, so mix and match the various t-shirts, skirts, blouses, jackets, trousers, or dresses available, all of which without a scratch on them, pick a pair of shoes to go with the outfit, choose the hairstyle you think suits them the best and throw in some scary and spooky accessories for good measure!

Without a doubt, the whole month of April these Disney zombies will look amazing, and this will be thanks only to you and your incredible fashion sense!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.