Frizzle Fraz 2

Frizzle Fraz 2

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Frizzle Fraz 2
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Frizzle Fraz 2 Overview


Frizzle Fraz 2 is here to continue this series of adventure games you love so much, with the first game in the series already having been added here, as well as some of the other sequels and spin-offs, but we will now give you the chance to experience the second chapter, which is a huge improvement on the first one, which you will notice as soon as you begin playing!

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In this platform-adventure game, your Frizzle Fraz character is going to be jumping around, and you need to use A and D to move it in the direction you want to go, toward the right. There will be spikes, pits, traps, and other monsters you need to be careful about because if you lose your entire health bar, you also lose the level.

If you see monsters, you can defeat them by jumping on top of their heads. At the same time, collect the frizzle creatures you find to rescue them and grab all the keys to open up the door at the end of the level. You can also grab the metallic snowflakes to get more energy to advance forward in your adventure.

It's as simple as that, so now that you've understood everything, feel free to begin right away, only here, and then stick around for the other daily games to come!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys.

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