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Frizzle Fraz Deluxe

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Frizzle Fraz Deluxe
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Frizzle Fraz Deluxe Overview


Frizzle Fraz Deluxe was going to be added to our website sooner rather than later since we've had the other games in the series, which is a platform-adventure games series from the flash world at its core, although it had a bubble game as a spin-off and other variants.

Today we are going back to the basics with a new storyline-based game, and because it has 'deluxe' in the title, that can only mean that all of the biggest qualities in this game series have been put forward into one single game right now.

If you're a newcomer to Frizzle Fraz Games, worry not, we're now going to give you a proper introduction to be able to give the series the best you've got!

Try Frizzle Fraz Deluxe online for a new adventure!

To control your fuzzy ball, use the arrow keys for moving and jumping, and know that to reach the end of each level you don't only need to get to that location, but you have to have collected all the keys along the way first because otherwise the path to the next stage and adventure does not open.

The small green or yellow fuzzballs are your friends, and you're going out to rescue them, so make sure to pick up as many of them as possible, and not lose them by the end of the level, and get points in return for each. Most of the enemies can be defeated by jumping on top of them, but not the red and green fishes, which you must avoid entirely!

Your purple fuzzy ball will have a natural bounce, but sometimes platforms are too high to reach, so you will use the platforms that move up and down to jump higher. You can also have ramps to slide on and jump. If you see balls with spikes rotating in the air, or the platform with spikes that fall down, avoid them not to die.

You've got three lives in total, and losing one brings you back to a checkpoint, but when you've lost all three you have to restart the level, of which there are thirty. The game takes you far and away, and you will see that you even get to swim. Of course, the difficulty grows as you advance, but your skills will too, as we're sure you will do the runs better as you keep playing this amazing new retro adventure game!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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