Sonic in Super Mario 64

Sonic in Super Mario 64

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Sonic in Super Mario 64
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Sonic in Super Mario 64 Overview


Sonic in Super Mario 64 is here to mix together your two favorite series of platform-adventure games from Japan, one from Sega, one from Nintendo, which are heated rivals, but can also be friends, and in this game, the blue hedgehog enters the world of the red plumber, where you will use the one's ability to travel the world of the other, resulting into one of the most exciting gaming mash-ups of all time!

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Thanks to the Nintendo 64 technology that this game was made upon, you will be playing with Sonic in 3D, with the mission of reaching the princess's Peach castle, where she has baked a cake for Mario, but now it is Sonic who will get it. Use the Y, H, H, and J keys for moving in the four directions, and with the Z and X keys you make jumps, and activate abilities.

You will run, jump, go on platforms, go up, make stunts, flips, and tricks with Sonic to advance through the castle and the grounds around it, and you will and should collect as many rings as possible for a big score, and in each level, there is also a limited number of stars to collect, so to get full completion, grab all of them.

Avoid the obstacles, spikes, traps, and enemies you encounter, and enemies can be defeated if you jump on top of their heads, or by activating abilities when they are on hand. Start the exciting experience right now, and make sure to tell your friends to do the same!

How to play?

Use the Y, G, H, J keys and Z, X.

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