SNES Sonic in Super Mario World

SNES Sonic in Super Mario World

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SNES Sonic in Super Mario World
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SNES Sonic in Super Mario World Overview


Sonic in Super Mario World is a game that gives you exactly what the title suggests, meaning the chance to play Super Mario, the most popular platform-adventure game in the world, but with another video game character from Japan, equally popular, the and only Sonic. Are you ready? It's awesome, and we will now explain everything, so you can start at once!

Have a new adventure with Sonic in Super Mario World!

You will use the right and left arrow keys for moving, the Z key to jump, and the X key to attack by rolling, which is a move that Sonic has taken from his own games and brought it over to this world.

Go through the platformed levels, where you have to hit the creatures you encounter by dropping on top of their heads to defeat them, because if you bump into them you lose a life, and losing all lives means losing the game.

Make sure to hit the blocks to get coins out of them, making a big score, but avoid falling into pits, or getting defeated by other traps and obstacles. Each new course gets more difficult, but each new world it presents is also more fun and interesting, so we hope you dive into all of them to get the most out of this amazing new game!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys.

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