Brain Out in LoveStory

Brain Out in LoveStory

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Brain Out in LoveStory
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Brain Out in LoveStory Overview


Brain Out in LoveStory is the latest interactive puzzle game with drawing, erasing, and hidden object elements all into one, where your logic, your keen eye, and your focus are what will make the love story happen, with its good and bad, highs and lows, and in case you've never played games in this format before, allow us to give you more details right now!

Put your Brain Out in a LoveStory puzzle game!

In each level, you have to find items, scan hidden parts to reveal what is happening, draw parts to make the image and scene a complete one or erase items to put things into motion. You might even need to find monsters in closets, for example, with each new level having a surprise for you.

As we said, you have to interact with what you see on the screen, using the mouse, with each level being counted as a day in the love story, so try to reach the final day to finish the game and see what the story has for it in the end, and we hope to see you play even more similar games from our website, we've got plenty of amazing ones!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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