Brain Test 2

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What is Brain Test 2?

Brain Test 2

Brain Test 2 is going to be an amazing interactive puzzle game online with logic elements, but which also has adventures, plenty of them, from which we invite you to pick, such as:

  • Fitness with Cindy
  • Prison Escape
  • Agent Smith
  • The McBrain Family
  • Monster Hunter Joe

Can you solve Brain Test 2?

With the mouse you interact with what you see on the screen, having about 20-21 tasks to perform for each adventure, each task being a puzzle to solve, where your goal is to help a girl lose weight, get the prisoners out of jail, be a spy, help out a family, or catch monsters, as mentioned earlier.

To go through these adventures you need to solve the logical questions for each level and perform the task given, and you need not worry, since it is dictated to you in the text each time. If you follow them properly, in no time you will finish all the puzzles, have a wonderful adventure, and get the most out of the game by finishing them all.

Stick around with us, since soon there will be a new adventure released, and we hope you play through it as well, and you can be sure of us to be here ready with the update!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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