Break Your Brain

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Break Your Brain
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What is Break Your Brain?

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain is a logic and brain teaser game online that is going to challenge you one level after another, and it is only going to get more difficult as you advance through it, but believe us when we say that this will only make it so that you feel even more fulfilled by clearing these stages, and have fun unlike you've had here ever before!

Break Your Brain to finish all the puzzles!

For each thinking puzzle, you will be given one task or another, such as finding the smallest number, but it does not mean one, but the one whose size is depicted as the smallest. Other things that you will have to do include correcting math equations, finding ways to open doors, completing electrical circuits, and more!

You never know what this brain will throw at you, precisely why you need to give your best at each of them, and think upon the solution however much you need to. Now, you can use hints, but only three of them, so try not to waste them on puzzles that you could have worked out on your own.

We wish you the best concentration power in the world, fun and great lessons all at the same time, and hope that you stick around to see what more great content we've got in store for everyone!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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