Use Your Brain!

Use Your Brain!

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Use Your Brain!
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Use Your Brain! Overview


Use Your Brain! is a new raunchy puzzle game with drawing, where your logical thinking is going to be at the forefront, and what is required for you to do a great job, and you might even do some erasing, not just drawing, but, either way, there is tons of fun to be had, and we will now explain why that is right now, don't worry!

Use Your Brain to solve the puzzles!

In each level you have to figure something out, such as if your partner is cheating, changing the clothes on the Statue of Liberty, or defusing a bomb that is strapped on a girl.

Use the mouse to erase things, use objects such as tools, paint, or magnifying glasses, draw where something is needed to be placed, and whatever else is required.

Through each new level, the puzzles get more difficult, for sure, but you will also surely get better at solving them, so let's start right now, waste no time, and you hopefully try out more of the new games we have been bringing you here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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