Brain Out in Love Story 2

Brain Out in Love Story 2

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Brain Out in Love Story 2
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Brain Out in Love Story 2 Overview


We've seen how much you enjoyed previous games such as Brain Out in Love Story 2 in the past on our website, so we now totally recommend playing this sequel right away, since it is yet another puzzle and logic game with drawing and erasing, where you can make the story unfold correctly if you think hard enough about things. If you're new to the format, worry not, as we will be explaining here and now what and how to do it!

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In each level you see a new day of the life of this couple, where you have to find items such as guns, dogs, what they think about, what is broken, and cosmetics, so you either have to resolve situations, or get a sneak peek at the characters, their items, and their surroundings.

For that, you will take control of a scanner, and you move it around the images in each level, when you find the item you were looking for, click or tap on it, depending on whether you are playing on a phone or computer. The puzzles might get more difficult, indeed, but also more fun as you keep playing, so good luck and the best we wish you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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