Fish Love Story

Fish Love Story

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Fish Love Story
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Fish Love Story Overview


Fish Love Story combines love puzzle games, AND with puzzle games with pins all at the same time, and since it has these underwater creatures all children adore, you will now have quite a lot of reasons to give this game a go and not miss out on it for anything in the world. If you're really new to this format, worry not, as we will use the following part of the article to explain its format and help you have a blast with the game!

Let's solve the puzzles for the Fish Love Story online!

On each level, you have two fish, a boy, and a girl, and you need to get them through the pipes to reach the same tank filled with water while being careful not to let either of them touch the red water, which is lava because you lose, and avoid any other kinds of obstacles and traps.

To achieve that, figure out in which order to pull the pins on the tanks and pipes to make the fish swim around in the water, and get them next to one another, making their love story possible, and in the next level it might get harder, but more satisfying as well. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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