Draw Love Story

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What is Draw Love Story?

Draw Love Story

Welcome to Draw Love Story, one of the most interesting new puzzle games with drawing from our website, a game that boys and girls alike should give a go right now, even if they are in love or not, because it is still a ton of fun nonetheless. These logic games are always tons of fun, even more so with such a lovely premise, but if you're not used to them, let us explain more right now!

Draw the perfect Love Story!

In each level, you have a boy and a girl who are meant to be together, but something is missing from the scene, something that you will use the mouse to draw, and if you do it, the two get together and start falling in love, you will have cleared the level.

One good example of that would be the bouquet of flowers you need to draw for the boy to hand the girl, or drawing the missing leg of the bench, on which they will then be able to sit and start flirting.

The levels might get progressively more difficult, but they also get more fun at the same time, and we hope you solve them all and then invite your friends to do the same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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