The missing Scribble Sticks

The missing Scribble Sticks

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The missing Scribble Sticks
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The missing Scribble Sticks Overview


The Missing, Scribble Sticks is the best drawing game to find and play with the Imagination Movers! Of course drawing and painting is something to do when you have a big imagination, so let's do it with this construction team always ready to be creative!

Draw the The missing Scribble Sticks!

You are shown a circle made of dotted lines. That is the part of the sheet paper you can draw inside of. Use the pencils on the left to draw. Pick it up with the mouse, and then click and drag along to draw. Draw stickmen, smiley faces, flowers, food, animals, whatever it is you imagine. The eraser tool helps you remove parts of the drawing you want out.

It is as simple as it seems, so we're sure you will get good at drawing, painting, and have fun with it all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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