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Draw Story

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Draw Story
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Draw Story Overview


Draw Story is an adventure-platform game with stickmen, something you've definitely enjoyed here before, but not in this form and shape, as we're talking about a game that also doubles down as a drawing game, a logic and puzzle game, all elements that will put your brain to the test, but also provide you with an awesome and fun time start to finish, just like we've had!

Let's Draw a Story online and have fun!

With A and D you move left and right, with W you jump, with the mouse you tap to draw boxes, and to change between the types of boxes available to draw you use the number keys from 1 to 4, but know that you first have to collect their pencil with the respective color from the courses, and then be able to change through them and use them.

Through a world filled with dangers, pits, obstacles, water, and other traps, you need to use the boxes you draw to help the stickman get past all of them, reach a distance as big as possible, from one checkpoint to another, and make sure that you collect as many coins as you can too, to increase your score. Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

To draw the best story possible in this new adventure game with platforms, collect all the pencils, and find the best spots to draw boxes with them, because they come in limited numbers, so think before you act, envision before you draw, and be the best!

How to play?

Use the WAD, space, the mouse, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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