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Draw Play Overview


Draw Play is the latest puzzle game with drawing we're excited to bring along to you right now, which we always are, and in the following part of the article you will learn how this retro game works so that you can enjoy it just as much as we did, even if it is a bit older!

Draw and Play online!

In each level you've got a stickman on a blank canvas that needs to reach the flag at the end, which can be placed down, up, left, right, and in other positions, With the mouse, you can draw anything you want, just hold and move it in the shape you want to see appear on the canvas.

Draw a route for the stickman, and then draw lines behind him to push him forward on them, until you reach the flag. If you fall, you can erase and restart at any time, and you can take however many tries you need. You can also move using the arrow keys, and jump too!

You will get more difficult tasks as you advance, but the challenges is what makes them really fun. Feel free and confident to begin, and maybe stick around for more of our daily games after this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Draw to move, as the stickman is static, so you need to push it with your drawings.
  • Find roundabout ways to draw around the obstacles that might appear.


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