Fish Love

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What is Fish Love?

Fish Love

Even Fish Love each other and form couples, something that you'll help make happen through a brand new puzzle game with pins just added to our website, a high-quality addition where you are guaranteed to have a ton of fun from start to finish, just like you usually do with these logical puzzle games!

Help the fish find love through solving the puzzles!

The two fish, one boy, one girl, find themselves trapped in various tubes and structures, with them being separated by pins. You click on the pins to pull them, and you should seek to find the correct order to do that in, in order to bring them together, which is when you clear the level.

Don't let the fish fall into traps, be hit by lava, which you can neutralize with water, and avoid any other dangers since you will lose said levels and have to start again from scratch. We wish you all good luck, the most fun possible, and invite you to stick around for more awesome content yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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