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What is Brain Trainer?

Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer is a quiz, logic, and educational game that we highly recommend to all the kids and adults visiting our website since it is a great way to both test yourself out and also get better at thinking, reasoning, and general knowledge in general, all into a package filled with fun from start to finish!

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Each level has a logical quiz for you to solve, such as figuring out which is the biggest number, not in quantity, but in size, counting only the sheep in the image, not any other animals, or figuring out in which order to click on the on-screen elements in order to harvest the carrots.

Each new level is more complicated than the one before it, but more fun at the same time, and we're sure that as you solve through them, your brain will only become more accurate, faster, and better, and it will then help you plenty in your day-to-day lives. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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