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Is it right

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Is it right
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Welcome to 'Is it right', a new kind of logic puzzle game online we're delighted to share with you here free of charge right at this moment, after we've experienced it ourselves, and because when it comes to such awesome mobile-friendly hypercasual games, we never miss a chance to share them with you, today being the case as well!

Is it right? Solve the puzzles to find out!

You will have empty holes where you need to place balls of various colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, and more, depending on the sequence, with each new one being longer and more complicated.

They come in a different number of rows, and by the final one, you need to find the right order of the colored balls to unlock the safe and finish the puzzle.

Place the balls by clicking on them, and put them in the first available spot. If they are circles in red, they're wrong, if they are in yellow, they are right, but in the wrong spot, and if they are green, they have been placed correctly.

It's quite similar to wordle games, but with color balls in sequences instead of letters, and we're pretty positive you are going to enjoy this game plenty much!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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