Boxer and Skibidi dop dop

Boxer and Skibidi dop dop

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Boxer and Skibidi dop dop
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Boxer and Skibidi dop dop Overview


Boxer and Skibidi dop dop is here to show you how our website is the first one to share with you and offers you the experience of boxing with the Skibidi Toilet, making this one of the most unique fighting games this category has had so far, one we totally recommend, knowing very well from our own time with it just how much fun it entails!

Let's box the Skibidi Dop Dop Toilet!

In the boxing ring, you are thrown, which you view in a first-person view, and you use the left and right mouse buttons to attack with the right and left arms, on which both you have gloves, so keep hitting the toilets until you deplete their health bar to win the fight, making sure not to let their attacks empty your health bar instead.

As you progress through the fights, there will be more toilets for you to fight against, so you have to do better as well. Use WASD to move around, and make sure that you use the money you earn to buy new boxing gloves from the shop. It's all like that, so start right now, and maybe invite your friends to check out our games of the day too!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.

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