Capybara Collector

Capybara Collector

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Capybara Collector
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Capybara Collector Overview


Capybara Collector is the new hypercasual management game with buying and selling elements in 3D we offer you on our website, which is going to be greatly made better by the fact that it features this beloved animal that seems to have taken the world of online gaming by storm, as not too long ago in the day we already had a game with one, but this time you get to have a completely new and fresh experience!

Become the best Capybara Collector on the internet!

Use WASD or the touch controls to move your animal around the grounds, where you need to collect resources from trees or other natural flora, putting them in the middle of the screen, where there is the icon of the vegetables, and, by doing so, you are going to earn coins in return.

Use the coins to unlock foxes or bunnies, which will then start collecting resources themselves, automatically, giving you a helping hand. The more you can make, the more things you can invest in, unlocking new stations, as well as making yourself some soldiers, who are going to have and defeat the monsters waiting to prey on your surroundings.

It's not daily you get to enjoy games like these, so give it a chance right now, see for yourself why it was a top pick for the day, and stick around to see what the other great games of the day will be!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the touch controls.

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