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What are Sailor Moon Games?

Sailor Moon or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, as they were known for the first time, appeared as a series of cartoons in Japan, being part of the manga category, respectively of the sketched characters. After that, the manga series was adapted into an original anime series, by itself, because the success of the three girls present in Sailor Moon was big enough to gather a large number of fans. The three girls in Sailor Moon are distinguished by the fact that they have blue eyes, long blond hair, and this figure is slim, with a narrow waist.


The entire activity of the three superheroes takes place in Tokyo, where they must defend the metropolis from the city's criminals. On a typical day, the three girls are students, go to school, go out with their friends, but when there is a rumor that something is wrong, they dress in their characteristic costume and go to that place to solve the problem. In the first series of the game, the group Queen Beryl represents the main enemy of our superheroines that she manages to eliminate in the first 10 episodes, after which in the second series we will meet Usagi and Mamoru's daughter who seems to create many more. problems, but due to the way the team leader manages to think of the fighting strategy, Sailor Moon manages to win the battle. On weekends, the three girls usually train, which is why we often see them in the gym, or in the park running, to keep fit.

Which are the main characters from Sailor Moon Games?

Sailor Moon: is the main character of the cartoons, as well as the online games that you can play on, and this girl differs from the group of girls by the fact that she has very long, blond hair, and at the top of hair has two red hair clips that are an accessory in the outfit of the beautiful heroine. In the middle, Sailor Moon has a white suit with pink and blue, and at the bottom, she wears a pair of pink knee-length boots. The protagonist of the series is 14 years old, she is an understanding girl and she manages to quickly find solutions to the various problems she encounters in the missions of Sailor Guardians.
Sailor Mercury is part of Sailor Soldiers, representing a secondary character, but participates actively in all the battles that the whole group of our superheroines has. Sailor Mercury is in love with the color blue, this is the reason why in general her suit is blue, with a white dress in the middle, and in the bottom, the classic knee-high boots.
Sailor Mars is a tall girl with dark hair, satin, very long, and her suit is red. She is generally a shy girl, she can't make friends with all the girls in the group due to the fact that she is quite ashamed. At the bottom of the body, he wears a pair of red shoes with heels.

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