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What are Glitter Force Games?

Glitter Force Games, as it is known in the Western world, is a category of games based around an anime series from Japan where it is known as Smile PreCure, which belongs to the more extensive series of Pretty Cure anime series, which you've guessed is a franchise of magical girl characters, so similar to Sailor Moon, for example. It was marketed as such on Netflix, where it became an exclusive during its release.

Despite the limited scope of this series, it offers quite a lot of diversity since it allows you to dress up the magical girls and use cosmetics and various tools and products to clean their faces in a facial treatment. There's an anime coloring game, too, and they can even invite you to play tic-tac-toe online with them!

Who's the Glitter Force, you ask?

These girls meet at the Magic Library, which is in another dimension, where stories come to life. They spend time collecting Cure Decors to store in a magical jewelry box because they need to gather all of them to revive their queen and bring balance to the world. They are fighting against the Band End Kingdom, who want to restore their own royal head, but they do it by collecting nasty energy from humans.

A battle between good and evil unfolds when you're playing our Glitter Force Games online for free, but good will prevail if you play them, and we're sure that you will come out of the other side feeling amazing and having had lots of fun!

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