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What are Bakugan Games ?

Japan has always been a country that excelled in creating multi-media franchises that span animations, live-action shows, toys, video games, and more, and it seems that once every few years there is a brand new interesting one showing up that also stays, and keeps expanding over time, just like we can say is the case for Bakugan, which started off in 2007, which ran for many years, and had lots of spin-offs, continuations, and versions:

The universe presents magical and mythical creatures with really amazing powers called the Bakugan, which come from an alternate dimension (Vestroia), and to humans, they become small round toys that change shape to resemble their original one when called out to battle.

They are controlled by Battle Brawlers, the humans that harness their powers, which activate during fights between these creatures, Naga is a big bad creature from this world that wants to take ultimate control of both Earth and Vestroia, so our title characters have to defeat it and the evil brawlers.

At its core, the series follows Dan Kuso, the leader and always ready-to-do battle boy, Runo, his childhood friend and eventual crush, Shun, Dan’s best friend with whom they invented the game, and who used to be the 1st ranked battler, and many more, as there is quite a big cast that we follow, one more lovable than the other! Not the bad guys, of course!

Battle Planet and its sequels premiered in 2018-2019 and serve as a reboot of the original series, with characters being reimagined, redrawn, and remade into something new but old at the same time, bringing the series to modern times, and introducing it to a new audience.

Of course, while it starts off simple, with our awesome main characters discovering the biomechanical creatures and using them to battle thugs using them for bad things while protecting the neighborhood, they will eventually have to protect the whole of reality with their newfound powers and friends!

How to play Bakugan Games online for kids:

Now, the concept of the battles is quite well adapted to the world of online gaming, and you usually have to pick a hero that you want to become, a Bakugan to use in the fights, and then you harness their powers, use the best combinations of attack and defense moves, so that you deplete the health bar of the opponent’s creature to win, without letting them do the very same thing to you first, which will lead to you losing.

You can also solve puzzles, improve your memory, ride ATVs, and even crossover with sister-series Ben 10 because both series have the same development team behind the scenes. Whatever you choose to play here, it will be free, unlocked, and tons of fun from start to finish, something we hope to see you doing right now, and maybe invite your friends for the same experience!