Dragon Ball Super 7 Differences

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What is Dragon Ball Super 7 Differences?

Dragon Ball Super 7 Differences

Being really huge fans of Dragon Ball and all its series, of course, we are delighted that a new animated show is airing, and even more so that we can play Dragon Ball Super Games, something you can also do right now, with a game such as Dragon Ball Super 7 Differences.

Differences games are fun, but this is even better since you get to spot them between pictures taken from this awesome new anime with Dragon Ball. One image is at the top, one is at the bottom, and there are seven different things between them that need to be spotted and clicked on.

You don’t have any timer on that, so just focus, and take your time finding the differences, no matter how much you need. In total there are four levels, and each of them will show you a different set of images with Dragon Ball Super, so you don’t get bored!

Not only are you playing with awesome characters like Goku, Picollo, or Vegeta, but you also improve your observation skills, so you have even more reason to have fun with this game right now, for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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