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What are Inuyasha Games?

Hello dear friend, we are glad and happy to see you again on our website, hope you will feel good playing the games. Today you will see that this day will be a greatest day and we hope that you will feel as good as we feel now. Today is that day when we add a new category of amazing games on our website and you are here to celebrate with us this incredible moment, we hope that you will enjoy this thing like we already do. This day is a good day for you and for us because this is a new category with new and amazing games.For a while we were adding just games, but today is your lucky day and we hope that you will be glad to be here with us. The first thing that we will do will be to present you a little bit our website and afetr that we will introduce you our new games in thus category. All you have to do now is to take a deep breathe and to begin with us a new and full of adventures story. First of all, our website is called, a website full of things that make you to be happy and we call them games. This games are very important to you, because much of them are educational games which can help you to increase your skills and your abilities like moving faster, thinking faster and stuffs like those. On our website the games are separated and organized in categories. We have all type of categories, boys categories in which you will be able to play car games, adventure games, fighting games ability games, games which includes animals like farm games or cat games, and of course we have categories for girls too. The girls categories are many but we can offer you some examples: Barbie games, princess games, cooking games, pet games, nanny games, simulator games. But we have some special categories too, the special categories are of course the categories which are based on true life, which are inspired by cartoons. And this category that we added today takes part of the special categories and we hope that you are here now to discover it and to play all the games. We know that you are nervous, but you do not have to be like that, you just have to take a deep breathe and to start playing the games which we add every day. On our website you will find some funny things like our mascot which is a dragon painted in yellow. In the beginning you will be scared by him, but after you will meet him and after you will take a little time whit him you will see that this can be very funny and we are sure that he is a good friend and you can count on him. But now, let's talk about the most important thing now, the category and about what this category is. First of all, this category is called Inuyasha Games and this category takes part of the Anime Games. This games are inspired from some comic books from Japan which are usually called anime. One of the main characters in this games is Inuyasha, a wonderful blend of action, adventure, and romance as well. Of course, if you are 20 you will be able to recognize this games from the television because this games sometime were cartoons. Of course you can play this games without knowing anything about this show or about the characters all you have to do is to have fun and to play more games. In this game, probably you will use your mouse to play this games. This games are not very difficult and we know this thing because we played them and after that we added on our website. On every game that we will add, we will add a description and you will have to follow the instructions if you want to win the games and to be the best. This game are animated and we hope you will like it. All that we can say now is good luck and do not forget to have fun!