Oriental Flirting

Oriental Flirting

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Oriental Flirting
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Oriental Flirting Overview


Oriental Flirting is the latest entry to the Romance Academy Games series, which are dating games with a twist, as they double up as more skill games, and tons of action through them as well, which we are sure you will find in this new setting as well, as you visit a Chinese festival to help the girl conquer all the boys there!

Let's do Oriental Flirting online!

Let the girl run around the festival by herself, and, when you see boys walking about, click and tap on them to shoot them with your love beam, having to zap them until they come to your side and you have them collected, a moment at which they start to follow you.

Now, there are other girls hunting for boys and wanting to flirt with them as well, so you might even fight with them as you both shoot love beams at the prospects, we hope to see you more determined and have more strength to overtake them.

Get the right amount of boys before a level's time granted to you is done, to win, and know that it only gets harder to conquer boys as you advance, but more fun too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

Oriental Flirting is also known as Romance Academy 2, an upgraded version of the original skill game, Romance Academy: School Flirting, where you also get to visit a Chinese festival, so there are new boys to get, as well as new places to see in this all-new edition!

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