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Party Hard
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Party Hard Overview


Party Hard is a pixelated action game with stealth elements, one that we totally recommend for all the boys on our website who want to be sneaky and get away with virtual murder, with an older flash game that has certainly been an inspiration to classics like Among Us, just like you will notice from the gameplay, something we're about to teach you right now, so you can give the game your best!

Party Hard, with your knife!

At a house party with a DJ, party-goers, and drinks, all spread through the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and other rooms, you have to play the role of a hidden killer and take down as many people as possible.

Walk around the premises using the arrow keys, get near a target, and kill them by pressing the spacebar, if you want to use items to do it, or to hide, or to get into a different room, press E next to it.

Now, all this has to be done without you getting caught, so try killing people when you are alone with them because if you are seen by bystanders, they will rat you out and the police will arrest you. At this point, you lose.

Try to see how well you can do, and if you get caught, put in another coin and try again!

How to play?

Use the arrows, E key, and the spacebar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Kill party-goers when no one is around to not get caught.
  • Hide and run away from the scene of the crime fast.
  • Get more kills than other players to become a top-ranking one!

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Pinokl Games, Kverta

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